May 16, 2016

About Us


Life is fun, Learn to paddle.

Paddlepult is committed to carry on the traditions and culture of dragon boating, and along the way teach paddling techniques in the sports of dragon boat, outrigger and stand-up paddle board (SUP) racing.  We welcome all ages and walks of life.  We also believe that youth (ages 14 – 19) engagement is essential to ensuring that the sport of dragon boat racing continues to grow and reach out to a broad audience.

This is how we do it:

Paddlepult provides opportunities for the community to gather to learn to paddle and race, while celebrating culture, tradition and diversity.  We do this through weekly paddling practice sessions with local dragon boat, outrigger and SUP clubs, and through racing festivals created to compete with like-ages, genders and performance levels.  We do this every time we are together and on the water. Below are boat commands we use on and off the water:

  • Brace the Boat!  –  Stabilize and reset.  :Learn the basics of stroke technique and maximize your potential.
  • Timing!  – Learn to paddle together and synchronize as a team.
  • Hold the boat! – Stop and take time to celebrate wins, performance and personal bests.
  • Imua! – Go forward and catapult yourself to the next level.  Achieve results and grow.
  • Ready, set, go! – Recognize that regular exercise and competitive racing are healthy and fun.